Rajasthan Road Trip Day 1 (9 Days/5 Destinations) – Traveling with a Kid

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Rajasthan Road Trip Hey guys, I know you have been missing us! We missed you too. But now we are back, Yay!!! I want to thank you guys for being here even when I was not around. I am quite surprised to see how well the blog is growing now. We got a little more [...]

Why You should Stay at RKN Beach Resort in Pondicherry?

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RKN Beach Resort in Pondicherry It's been a while since I last wrote a travel post. So here it is for all you travel lovers, our experience of staying at RKN Beach Resort in Pondicherry. We visited Pondicherry (also Puducherry) last year in August to celebrate my birthday. You may wish me on 23rd August [...]

Monsoon Weekend Getaway – A Day in Udaipur with a Toddler

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Monsoon Weekend Getaway Hey guys! How's the weather treating you? Is it too hot or too wet? Well, here in Delhi we are waiting for the monsoon to arrive anytime soon and get some respite from the scorching heat. To escape the ever rising temperature, we planned a short road trip to Rishikesh last month. [...]

Weekend Getaway from Delhi? Where to go, Himachal or Uttarakhand?

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Weekend Getaway from Delhi Whenever the summer heat gets unbearable all I dream of is escaping to the beautiful hills. We, North Indians are in so much love with nearby hill stations that many of us refer these as our summer home. We are soon going to enter the hottest months of this season. And [...]

Riverside Camping with Kids at Dawki, Meghalaya

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Camping with Kids at Dawki Hey guys, the weekend is here! So, today's post will be the last one from our Meghalaya Trip for this month. And, I'll be sharing our first ever camping experience with our toddler - Riverside Camping with Kids at Dawki. Dawki is the last village of Meghalaya situated at the [...]

The Caves in Meghalaya – Exploring Offbeat Arwah Cave with our Toddler

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The Caves in Meghalaya Hey guys, as promised in my last post, today I will share our experience of exploring the caves in Meghalaya. My oldest memory of visiting a cave takes me back to my childhood. We used to visit Vaishno Devi, the famous Hindu shrine in Jammu, every year. For me, that was [...]

A Day in Pahalgam, Kashmir – Top 5 Things to do when traveling with Kids!

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A Day in Pahalgam, Kashmir Hi friends, hope you are liking my travel posts. The weekend is here and I'm eagerly waiting for Sunday to take a break from writing & spend some quality time with family. But before that, I want to share our experience from our day in Pahalgam, Kashmir. And, today I [...]

Gulmarg Gondola – A Joyride with kids in Kashmir

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Gulmarg Gondola - A Joyride Hey guys, hope you all are doing well. Let me take you on a joyride to Gulmarg Gondola today, one of our most thrilling experiences in Kashmir. It was also on top of my travel bucket list until last year. We visited Kashmir in October 2018 and had planned a [...]

An Ultimate Kashmir Travel Guide – Traveling with Kids

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Kashmir Travel Guide Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. The Week 2 of #BlogchatterA2Z begins today with letter G. And, I thought of bringing to you an ultimate travel guide to help you plan a trip to Kashmir. Jammu & Kashmir is a state in northern India surrounded by the great Himalayan ranges. J&K [...]