CBSE Open Book Exams in India: What? Why? How?

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CBSE Open Book Exams Hello parents! How's the exam season treating you? I know you are already taking good care of your children but don't forget to take care of yourselves too. Don't get too stressed, okay? Many of you must have heard about CBSE's pilot program; Open Book Exams for classes 9 to 12. [...]

Debunking Montessori Myths for Elementary Education

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Let's Debunk Montessori Myths Hello parents, I know looking for information about Montessori is not that easy. There are so many parents who want to choose Montessori education for their little ones but due to lack of right information and myths around Montessori, they have to drop this idea. Some people think Montessori is only [...]

Kids Internet with Happinetz Safe Search Filter

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Internet with Safe Search Filter for Kids Internet with Safe Search Filter for Kids. The Internet is such a cool place if we can navigate it well! We can access any amount of information, use it for our entertainment and stay connected socially. But one wrong click can land us in deep trouble. Now imagine [...]

Why We Chose Montessori Over Traditional Schools?

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Montessori Over Traditional Schools Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good! I am writing almost after a month on the blog, and oh, I missed this so much. But a lot had been going on in my mind regarding the content that I want to put out here. So, this time I want to [...]

Discussing Nutrition with Children: Nurturing Young Minds and Bodies

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Discussing Nutrition with Children Hello everyone, today I want to discuss another important topic related to the growth of our children. When it comes to discussing nutrition with children, it's essential to approach the topic in an engaging and interactive manner. As parents, one of our primary responsibilities is to instill healthy eating habits in [...]

Teaching Kids about Money Management: Practical Tips for Parents

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Teaching Kids about Money Management Money management is an important life skill that every child should acquire at a young age. Children can develop useful financial habits that will help them throughout their lives by understanding the value of money, budgeting, and making informed financial decisions. You play an important role as a parent in [...]

Toys to Boost Creativity and Imagination in Kids (3 To 6 Years Old)

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Toys to Boost Creativity and Imagination Hey, kids don't need toys!!! If you want to strengthen their cognitive skills and creativity, just let them run wild in the outdoors. You do not want to trap your children inside the four walls of their rooms and hand them some tacky toys and expect them to exhibit [...]

Is It Safe to Travel to Lakshadweep with Kids? Things to Know

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Can We Travel to Lakshadweep with Kids? This post has been selected as the Top Post at Blogchatter. Yes, you can travel to Lakshadweep with kids, and it is a safe destination for family vacations. Lakshadweep boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the country, making it suitable for solo travelers as well. It [...]

What are the Top Immunity Building Foods for Kids?

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Top Immunity Building Foods for Kids It's no secret that a healthy and balanced diet is essential for giving your child the best possible start in life. And, this is especially true when it comes to supporting their immune system. Eating the right foods can help keep your child healthy and protected from illness. So [...]

Life in Bangalore – My 11 Memories of 2022 (Part-2)

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Life in Bangalore - Memories of 2022 Hello everyone, are you ready to bid goodbye to 2022 and welcome the New Year 2023? The one thing that I always do in December is to reflect upon the events that happened so far in the year. It's like revisiting the memories we made and the lessons [...]