Bangalore to Delhi by TATA Punch | 2100 Kms in 3 Days

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Bangalore to Delhi by TATA Punch Hello lovely people, hope you're all doing well. I'm so excited today as the exam season is finally ending and tomorrow is Nemit's last day of Formative Cycle (exams). We are now looking forward to two months of freedom as the summer holidays are just around the corner. We've [...]

CBSE Open Book Exams in India: What? Why? How?

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CBSE Open Book Exams Hello parents! How's the exam season treating you? I know you are already taking good care of your children but don't forget to take care of yourselves too. Don't get too stressed, okay? Many of you must have heard about CBSE's pilot program; Open Book Exams for classes 9 to 12. [...]

Finding My Soulmate: A Journey to Forever | Part 3

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Finding My Soulmate, My Forever Hi everyone, does it feel like time is racing by this year? Just a few days ago, it was the first day of 2024 and today we're celebrating Valentine's Day. And tomorrow, I'll be celebrating my 9th marriage anniversary. Almost a decade! Today, I am excited to share my journey [...]

Finding My Jeevansathi on Jeevansathi dot com | Part 2

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Finding My Jeevansathi Hello lovely people, how's February treating you? Since this is the month of love and also my anniversary month, I wanted to share my unconventional arranged marriage story with you all. In the first part of this post, "Finding Love in Arranged Marriage," I shared my ordeal of meeting with families to [...]

Finding Love in Arranged Marriage: 9 Years of Love and Laughter | Part 1

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Finding Love in Arrangement Hello lovely people! This is the month of 'Love' and just like January (my son's birthday month), February is also my favorite month of the year. Nah, not because of the Valentine's day! But because of my Marriage day! Strange, isn't it? In Feb 2015, I got married to the person [...]

Life After Uterus Removal Surgery for Fibroids | Health Update

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Uterus Removal Surgery for Fibroids In April 2023, I underwent abdominal Hysterectomy surgery to remove my uterus due to Uterine Fibroids. It has now been 5 months since the procedure, and I feel ready to share my experience with the world. Ideally, I should have waited one more month to share this health update, as [...]

Why We Chose Montessori Over Traditional Schools?

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Montessori Over Traditional Schools Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good! I am writing almost after a month on the blog, and oh, I missed this so much. But a lot had been going on in my mind regarding the content that I want to put out here. So, this time I want to [...]

My Thoughts on the Movie ‘Last Film Show’ – India’s Entry to the Oscars

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The Movie 'Last Film Show' Hello everyone, today I am here to share my thoughts about the movie 'Last Film Show' or 'Chhello Show'. But before doing that I also want to share that I've joined the Creative Soul Club, an initiative by Blogchatter & I am proud to announce that #IAmACreativeSoul now. I feel [...]

Life in Bangalore – My 11 Memories of 2022 (Part-2)

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Life in Bangalore - Memories of 2022 Hello everyone, are you ready to bid goodbye to 2022 and welcome the New Year 2023? The one thing that I always do in December is to reflect upon the events that happened so far in the year. It's like revisiting the memories we made and the lessons [...]

Memories of 2022 – The Most Eventful Year in our Life (Part-1)

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Memories of 2022 Hello everyone, hope all is going well at your end. If the times are hard then please stay strong as this too shall pass. And remember, better days are just around the corner. This is what that's keeping me going in the past few months. Nothing lasts forever, not even the grief. [...]