My Thoughts on the Movie ‘Last Film Show’ – India’s Entry to the Oscars

The Movie ‘Last Film Show’

Hello everyone, today I am here to share my thoughts about the movie ‘Last Film Show‘ or ‘Chhello Show‘. But before doing that I also want to share that I’ve joined the Creative Soul Club, an initiative by Blogchatter & I am proud to announce that #IAmACreativeSoul now.

I feel so charged up when I am doing some creative stuff and calling myself a creative soul feels fantastic.

So, this movie ‘Last Film Show’ was suggested by our hosts Leha and Aakashi to be discussed during the first meeting of #TheCreativeSoulClub on Clubhouse. And, I must say what an amazing choice! There could have been nothing better than this movie to talk about during our first meetup.

Honestly, I was not too impressed initially when I saw the movie name and the trailer. Seriously, don’t make a choice of watching this movie only based on what’s shown in the trailer. You should watch the whole movie to feel the emotions in this one.

But, if you still want to catch a glimpse of the movie, you can check out the trailer below. This trailer is in Gujarati and this movie is available in 2 languages (Gujarati and Hindi) with English subtitles on Netflix.

Last Film Show (Chhello Show) | Official Trailer | Pan Nalin | Netflix India

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The way this movie unfolds will leave you speechless. Last Film Show is a beautiful family movie, originally in Gujarati. It explores the innocence of childhood, creativity, human relationships; all through the eyes of 9 year old Samay who wants to ‘learn light’.

My Thoughts on the Movie ‘Last Film Show’

Please note that this is not a movie review, I am just sharing my thoughts about the movie.

There are so many scenes which I liked in the movie as I could relate to them as a mother. I see my son (soon to be 7) doing the same stuff, sometimes living in his own world of imagination & using his creativity to bring life to his ideas.

One of my favorite scenes is when Samay creates a bike ride scene with his friends. One of his friends stands holding a broken bike handle and pretends to be riding a bike. Samay is moving his shirt with the help of strings to make it look like it’s flowing in the wind. And, two of his friends are running around with the branches of the trees. When looked from a small rectangular box, it seemed like the boy is actually riding a bike passing through several trees lined on both the sides of the road.

This movie'Last Film Show' was suggested by our hosts Leha and Aakashi to be discussed during the first meeting of #TheCreativeSoulClub on Clubhouse.

Scene from ‘Last Film Show’

This was a wow moment for me. Superb imagination and a stupendous way of using creativity to give life to an idea. The movie got even more interesting post this scene.

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Reference to Light in the movie

There’s a lot of reference to light in the movie. Light can hold different meanings to different people. I think, for Samay, light meant the source or magic or may be a dream. It’s shown how he started understanding the way light works to create shadows & how light helps in projection of movies.

Samay’s journey in the movie from wanting to ‘catch light’ to ‘learn light’ is beautifully depicted. I find the message that we should believe in our dreams too just like Samay believed in Light. No matter how senseless our dreams may seem to the others, we need to keep working on those dreams to achieve them one day and make them a reality.

There are many takeaways for children & parents from this movie. The biggest one for me is to look at life from a different angle, understanding that our kids may be our own reflection but they have their own mind that thinks differently. We need to accept them for who they are as an individual and respect their beliefs, interests and choices.

Also, how important it is for parents to understand that letting go of their kids at a certain time would mean helping the kids in achieving their dreams even if it breaks the parents from inside. Sometimes, it’s not about you, it’s about them.

My Thoughts on the Movie ‘Last Film Show’ – India’s Entry to the Oscars 2023


Lastly, what a beautiful learning for kids. Never let your curiosity & desire to learn new things diminish just because it doesn’t fit well with some people. You will go through emotional turmoil, you may fail or fall down but you have to get up & get going.

I also want to mention about friendship here. When we are kids, the meaning of friendship is totally different than as we see it as adults. Friends are ready to do anything for each other. Samay and his friends play together, explore together and be there for each other.

The last scene of the movie made me so emotional, I couldn’t stop my tears from falling down. You could feel the pain and happiness at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I liked the movie but there are few things which didn’t fit well with me. I found the movie little slow, at some points, it felt boring. Samay’s father beating him with a stick and no one came to stop him. It was so heartbreaking. The role of Samay’s mother could have been better I feel. Rest you should watch it to understand what I am saying.

Special mention to Samay’s teacher, who showed him the right path without forcing it on him. We don’t see many teachers like him in real life though.

That’s it from my side for this post. If you watch the movie do let me know your views in the comments below. Also, Last Film Show has been shortlisted for the Oscars 2023. One more reason to watch it!


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