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About Us

Hello, Mommies, Daddies & would-be parents!! 

Welcome to my Blog…

I’m Neha, from India. With this blog, I want to share my journey and experience with the world.

I welcome you all to a vibrant hub where parenthood, health, fitness, and unforgettable adventures intertwine. As we navigate the incredible journey of raising our little dude, we share valuable insights and practical tips to empower fellow parents with knowledge. From nurturing your child’s health and well-being to exploring the world with your little adventurers in tow, we strive to be your go-to resource for all things family.

With our passion for travel, we open doors to extraordinary experiences and offer tailored recommendations, tips and hacks to make your family’s expeditions even more magical.

Join us on this exciting ride as we grow together, creating a community built on love, laughter, and lifelong memories.


My family and friends know me as a happy-go-lucky person. I am a travel enthusiast who finds solace and rejuvenation in adventurous journeys. Life, for me, is best lived in tranquility, away from the chaos and noise. As a creative soul, I express myself through the lens of a camera, capturing precious memories and crafting captivating videos of our family’s travel escapades. With every post I write, I aim to contribute a piece of myself to the vast universe, offering insights, learnings, and experiences that may inspire and resonate with others.

Blogging has been such an unexpected gift in how it has rejuvenated me creatively and also in how it has introduced me to a whole community of women who inspire and encourage me on a daily basis.  So, thank you, dear readers, for coming along for the ride.  You make this work worthwhile. 

About us Sumit


I love my husband and can’t even imagine my life without him. I can’t call myself a perfect wife because I don’t fit in that definition. But I am surely a happy wife! All thanks to my husband for breaking the marriage stereotypes and redefining what it means to be true partners in life.

You may read our story of finding love, finding jeevansathi and finding soulmate here.

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Allow me to introduce my amazing husband, Sumit. Our journey began in February 2015 with an arranged marriage that blossomed into a beautiful love story. Sumit is the epitome of calmness, simplicity, and unconditional love. He possesses qualities that I admire and hope our son inherits. 

He’s the only person who can withstand my quirks and eccentricities with unwavering patience. I owe the realization of my dreams to his unwavering support; he is my pillar of strength. While this blog may be my brainchild, everything that happens behind the scenes, even the emotional aspects, is a result of his tireless efforts.

 ‘Good men exist and happy marriages are not extinct! I know because I have Both!

You may check his Linkedin profile here! Sumit Kumar


I am someone who loves kids since I was a kid, yes I am one fanatic bachha lover. People often ask me how I manage a dog and a baby all by myself 5 days a week. Frankly speaking, it is tough, quite tough, not a lot tough but what keeps me going is the infinite number of licks, cuddles, and laughter.

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That perfect mom life

♥What I Like♥

♥ When I am not busy with baby chores, I read! Novels, articles, blog posts, news, views and reviews fancy me most.

♥ I like to click pictures. I believe in capturing memories and storing them forever. Hubby gifted me a DSLR camera this Mother’s Day (2017) and I have started taking my passion for photography a little bit more serious.

♥ I am fond of online learning platforms; you will always find me enrolled and indulged with some or the other courses. “The capacity to learn is a Gift; the ability to learn is a Skill; the willingness to learn is a Choice.”- Brian Herbert.

♥ Our family’s combined interests are travelling, watching movies and indulging in adventure sports and activities.

To know why and how I started blogging read my blog post-Mommy turned to Blogging 

A little more about Me…

 ♥ Professionally, I describe myself as a Science & Marketing person, on a break to enjoy Motherhood and Life.

 ♥ I believe in learning and growing. Recently I have discovered my interest in writing (I am not at all a gifted writer) but there is no skill one cannot master.

But that’s ‘not’ all about me…

♥ My sun sign is Leo– the temperamental Lion with a Heart of Gold but my mind works on the Virgo Principle- masters of puns, wordplay, and really lengthy detailed rants dissecting people to the most insignificant (but hilarious) details.

♥ I am in my 30’s but have only 3 yrs of job experience which clearly shows that I am not a ‘9-to-6 job’ kind of a person, yet not ready to accept this fact.

♥ I never had a dream ambition but science always fascinated me, more specifically the life sciences.

♥ Whatever I do, is done with sheer dedication and I am addicted to bettering myself!

♥ I am a simple person with a complicated mind. Someday, I wish to inspire people.

Thanks for visiting Growingwithnemit!

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