My Friend Alexa is my True Friend!

My Friend Alexa

Hello lovely people, hope you all are doing good. I know you missed our blogs, I missed writing them too. But I want to thank each one of you who supported our YouTube channel during the last 3 months. It’s only because of you that we could touch 1k subscribers, this means a lot to us. The next challenge is to revive the blog and get back to writing. Thankfully, My Friend Alexa is here to help me out!

Who What is My Friend Alexa?

My Friend Alexa is not a person.


If you are not a blogger there’s a high possibility that you are not aware of Alexa. It’s okay though. I will help you understand that.

#MyFriendAlexa is a month-long writing and reading challenge that helps boost the blog’s traffic and improves the #AlexaRank.

This challenge is hosted every year by my favourite blogging community, Blogchatter. All the participants are required to write 8 posts and read all the posts from the other participants in one month.

It sounds quite simple but if you are on a break from blogging or going through writer’s block or you are bad at managing time, it can test your limits. I like the adrenaline rush I experience during the challenge, it’s so satisfying. And, the results after a month are enough to keep you motivated for a long time.

Guys, if you have started a new blog or you are thinking of starting one soon, then joining such blogging challenges can give an instant boost to your blog as well as your confidence.

Now, if you are wondering what is Alexa Rank, please read further.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is a traffic analysis tool that estimates and provides web traffic data, traffic source information as well as traffic statistics in one place. And, Alexa Rank is a measure of website popularity. It is a single metric that provides a quick summary of a site’s performance. The lesser the rank, the more popular is the website.

My experience with My Friend Alexa

I came to know about Blogchatter’s Alexa campaign in 2018. At that time, I didn’t have much technical knowledge about blogging, I was still learning about SEO and other things and had no idea about Alexa Rank. But I wanted to learn and experiment so I took the plunge and joined my first #MyFriendAlexa campaign. That one month taught me so much about the importance of writing, reading, and also engaging with fellow bloggers.

I wanted to write more and test my limits so next year in 2019, I joined the A2Z challenge with Blogchatter and wrote 26 posts in one month. Sadly, I had to skip Alexa that year.

Then came the pandemic year, the year 2o2o, the year that changed our lives in a blink of an eye. That year I learned that writing can help you deal with emotional turmoil. I was looking for an emotional outlet and I found one in #MyFriendAlexa.

This year, I have a clear purpose to join this campaign, that is, to revive my dormant blog and get back to reading & writing.

Alexa Rank Growing with Nemit

Currently, my blog’s Global Alexa rank is too high and I need to work hard to bring it down to a satisfactory level. And, I am sure I’ll achieve that with the help of My Friend Alexa.

I’ll soon share what I am planning to write, do I have a theme in mind? Stay tuned to know more!

Last day to register. Hurry up!!!

Sign up for Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa campaign here.

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