Why every Blogger should have a YouTube Channel in 2020?

Every Blogger should have a YouTube Channel.

I have always loved shooting videos, but I was not confident enough to take that passion for making videos to the next level. It was only after I attended the Blogchatter #LightsCameraChatter campaign last year that I got to learn so many tips and tricks of video blogging. And, now I look forward to making a video & share it on my YouTube channel and embed it on my blog as well. I feel that every Blogger should have a YouTube channel in 2020.

Do you have a YouTube channel? 

This July, I got an opportunity to take a session during the #LightsCameraChatter campaign and talk about my love for video blogging. I did an Instagram Live on Blogchatter’s page, where I spoke about my YouTube journey as a blogger. And how I am capturing travel stories on YouTube and connecting them with my blog.

I also talked about the difficulties & challenges a beginner may face when starting their YouTube journey and how to overcome those obstacles to stay motivated and positive even during the low times.

Every Blogger should have a YouTube Channel


I started my blog growingwithnemit.com in 2017 to share my parenting journey and travel experiences with the world. I also have a YouTube channel that goes by the same name – Growing With Nemit. For those who are new here, Nemit is my 4-year-old son & all my parenting & travel stories revolve around him.

And, then I took some questions, sharing a few here. You may watch the video at the end of this post for all questions.

Q1 – When did I feel the urge to start a YouTube channel, why and how? 

I started my YouTube channel at the same time when I started my blog in 2017. Because at that time, only I knew that one has to have a presence on all social platforms. But what I didn’t realize was how difficult it is to manage all social platforms along with a blog, especially when you are a parent.

Since I enjoy clicking pictures and shooting short video clips, I instantly fell in love with Instagram. And because I was getting good traffic on my blog through Facebook, I tried to stay active there as well. But it was different with YouTube.

I can describe my YouTube journey in 3 stages – Newborn, Infant, Toddler.

Newborn Stage

My first video was a 7-sec raw clip of Nemit going down on a slide, and nobody watched it. It’s not that it bothered me, but I realized that I am doing it wrong & it will need a lot of work if I want to get the best out of it. So, I gave it a break.

September 2017

 Infant Stage

The next video which I shared on YouTube was after a gap of 15 months; it was also a raw clip. But, this time, the whole purpose of this video was to use it in one of my blog posts. And, surprisingly, it did make a difference.

My readers spent more time on that post, and that video also got more views as compared to my first video.

October 2018

Here’s the post where I added this video – 30 Stimulation activities for Babies!

Toddler Stage

Now, it was last year’s April when I was participating in the Blogchatter A2Z challenge, and I was writing on the theme traveling with kids, I realized that I could use our travel videos to attract more traffic on my posts.

I shared two videos from our Kashmir trip on YouTube, which I then embedded in my posts. But due to the time constraint, I couldn’t do it for all my posts.

April 2019

Here’s the post where I embedded another video – Gulmarg Gondola!

That was the time when I wanted to take video blogging seriously. I wanted to learn from the experts to give my YouTube channel a push & take it to the next level. That’s when I participated in the Blogchatter’s Lights Camera Chatter campaign in July 2019.

Q2 – Why you should start a YouTube channel if you are already a Blogger?

  • Video blogging is the ‘in’ thing.
  • You can attract more traffic to your blog.
  • To increase your brand’s visibility.
  • Embed YouTube videos in your blog.
  • Make your blog more impactful for your readers.
  • YouTube videos can rank on Google, just like a blog.
  • Fight writer’s block by shifting to video making/editing & keep your creative juices flowing.

Every Blogger should have a YouTube Channel

Q3 – What Equipment I started with and gradually upgraded?

Just like any other YouTuber, I started with my mobile phone only. But there are some pros and cons of using a mobile phone to shoot videos.

PROS of using a mobile phone for shooting a video

  • Quickly access the mobile phone to shoot videos.
  • Edit on the phone and upload it directly.
  • Most mobile phones come with a good camera so you can shoot quality videos too.

CONS of using a mobile phone for shooting a video

  • Mobile phones catch all the noise around you if not using a microphone.
  • You can’t capture clear shots of faraway objects.
  • Degrade the video quality if shooting in the dark.
  • Not suitable for shooting selfie videos.

Here’s the list of equipment which I am using now-

  1. Canon G7X Camera
  2. Mini Tripod & Long Tripod
  3. Bluetooth Selfie Stick with remote & selfie stand

What else you can invest in to make better videos –

  1. Boya Microphone
  2. Ring Light

Watch the full video of Instagram Live here –


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That’s it for today guys. I will write another post on video blogging, where I will share my experience making videos. And in what ways those videos are helping my blog.

Do you think bloggers should have a Youtube channel too? And, if you do have a channel, how has been your experience so far? Tell me in the comments below.


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