Chintu Ka Birthday! Will it be a Happy One amidst Chaos? Movie Review

Chintu Ka Birthday

I was not much into watching TV earlier since I couldn’t stand the weekly drama shows & I prefer watching movies at the theatre. But when the lockdown was announced I was left with no choice. That’s when I switched to the OTT platforms. These provide entertainment content like series and movies without any ad breaks via high-speed internet. And, for the last 3 months, I enjoyed binge-watching different series whenever I had some free time. Every weekend, we plan a movie night and last Saturday we watched ‘Chintu Ka Birthday‘ on ZEE5.

Chintu ka Birthday is a light family drama starring Vinay Pathak, Tillotama Shome (I love her from Mentalhood series), Seema Pahwa, Bisha Chaturvedi, Khalid Massou, Reginald L Barnes, Nathan Scholz and Vedant Chibber (as Chintu).

When I watched the trailer of this movie, I knew we had to watch it. Since it’s a family drama which revolves around a 6-year-old kid’s birthday party. My son loves birthday parties so I thought maybe he could also join us for a movie night this time. He usually sleeps early so just watched it for 15 mins & then slept. But let me tell you it’s not a kid’s movie because of some violent scenes however older kids can watch it under parental guidance. I wish Nemit’s Dadi & Nani were also here and we could enjoy this movie together.

More about the Movie Chintu ka Birthday…

Anyways, coming back to the movie now. I especially liked the unique screenplay and the stellar performances by Vinay Pathak and Tillotama Shome. Even the kids were brilliant when it came to portraying various emotions without uttering many words. Seema Pahwa Ji was as usual amazing in playing the role of Chintu’s Nani.

This movie depicts the strong family bonding, love, kindness, friendship, optimism, happiness & above all, hope! This family just wants to bring a smile on Chintu’s face on his Birthday.  

The movie is about an Indian family, happily living in Iraq until one day when the US troops invaded the country & declared war. From then on, everything changed for this family. Chintu’s father’s work got affected, their chances of going back to India diminished and celebrating Chintu’s birthday became a challenge.

The story is set on the day of Chintu’s 6th birthday when the whole family is trying to make it special for the little boy. But as fate had it, a car blast outside their home resulted in two American soldiers breaking into their house in search of insurgents. They bring chaos with them; terror engulfed the whole family. And, Chintu lost all hopes!

What happens when the soldiers start suspecting Chintu’s father? Is he innocent or really involved in the blast? What will a father do to bring a smile on his family’s face?

Every weekend, we plan a movie night and this Saturday we watched'Chintu Ka Birthday' which is a light Indian family drama. Here's my review...


Watch the movie now on Zee5 to know if Chintu ka birthday turned out to be a Happy one amidst all the chaos.

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