How can CGM Help Manage your Diabetes Better in 2023?

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CGM helps Monitor Glucose and Manage Diabetes Better Continuous Glucose Monitoring and CGM devices have gained popularity in the past few years. Now more people are choosing CGM over BGM (Blood Glucose Monitoring) as a better means to manage their diabetes. And, this, in turn is helping them to take control of their overall health. [...]

5 Simple Tips for Traveling with someone Living with Diabetes

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Traveling with someone living with Diabetes Recently, when I attended the session on Living Fully With Diabetes, I realized that it is such a common condition. Almost everyone around me has someone or the other in their family who has it. Even my husband is diabetic. But I never talked about it on my blog [...]

Is there a Painless way to check Blood Sugar for managing Diabetes?

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Painless way to monitor your glucose levels Diabetes (Type 2) is the most common lifestyle disease nowadays. In simple words, we say, a person with diabetes has high blood sugar levels. And, this high blood sugar can lead to many health problems. However, diabetes can be managed. The first step to managing diabetes is glucose [...]