Kid’s Room Makeover on a Budget | DIY Decor Ideas

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Kid's Room Makeover & DIY Decor Ideas This year we gifted our son a room of his own where he could play, read and do his online classes. We had this room which we called a 'study' but we hardly used it. So, we thought of giving it a makeover. In this post, I will [...]

DIY Bookshelf and Reading Nook for Kids | Repurpose Baby Cot | DIY Tent

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DIY Bookshelf and Reading Nook for Kids Hello friends. Today, I will share 3 Do-It-Yourself ideas for your kid's room. If your kids love reading books or if you want your kids to love reading then you should definitely add a bookshelf and create a reading nook in their room. And, I will tell you how [...]

Creative Kids by Dr. Surbhi Prapanna – Book Review

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Creative Kids Hey guys, how's the summer treating you? We are eagerly waiting for monsoons to arrive in the North & cool down the heat wave a bit. Today, I am going to review another book for you guys. This one is from the parenting category and a perfect one for art and craft lovers. [...]

Outdoor play- Keep these 5 things in mind- A Mother’s experience

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Outdoor play for kids Ask a toddler if they want to go outside for a stroll, there can never be a ‘NO’ as an answer, you know why; because that place (outside of walls) is full of in numerous opportunities to explore, learn and have lots of fun. I am sure all parents will agree [...]