Plan a Summer Weekend Getaway to Kausani

Weekend Trip to Kausani (Part – 1)

Hey guys, many of you know that we took a weekend trip recently, to Kausani, which is a beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand. And, if you have followed my stories on Instagram and Facebook, you have a fair idea of how much we enjoyed and what all we did during our weekend getaway. And if not, you can still check out those stories on my Instagram in Highlights – Travel.

This post is part of the blog train where 24 awe-inspiring bloggers are going to share their story of ‘Summer’. Hop on the train to read some amazing blogs. Today is Day 1 of the blog train and my topic is ‘Summer Weekend Trip to Kausani’. And in this post, I am going to share my first-hand experience of an unplanned weekend getaway. I hope to provide as much information as I can to help you plan your trip.

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This trip was a sudden plan, and we finalized everything in just one day. We wanted to go on a road trip in our own car to some nearby hill stations like Lansdowne, Shimla, or Mussoorie and spend a couple of days there. However, due to our last minute planning, we couldn’t find a satisfactory place to stay. Of course, we were going on a leisure trip, and we wanted a place close to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A place where we could feel like resting in the lap of nature with no distracting noises around us.

Summer Weekend Trip to Kausani

Morning Family Selfie on the way

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We got the shock of our life when we couldn’t find a single decent hotel for our stay. Every hotel/resort we were checking was full. I feel that’s the saddest part of living in Delhi/NCR since every other person is planning a weekend trip to the nearby hills in summer. Now, we had to decide on a new place and it was then when my hubby, mentioned this hill station, Kausani, which is also known as the ‘Switzerland of India‘.

Summer Weekend Getaway to Kausani

Image Source – Wikipedia

I searched on google frantically about this place and was mesmerized by its beauty. The next thing I remember was, Sumit booking a cab and a hotel for us. Ya, we had to travel by cab, since Kausani is quite far from Noida, 393 Km, and 10 hrs, to be precise.

Kausani is famous for its scenic splendour and its spectacular 300 Km-wide panoramic view of Himalayan peaks


Due to the lack of information, not many people know about this place. Also, it’s quite far from Delhi, hence, it’s not at all populated with tourists. And this is exactly what we wanted.

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Best Time to Visit Kausani –  Summer (March to June)

Summer months in Kausani starts from March and go on till June. And the temperature during these can range from 11 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius, which is quite pleasant. If you are visiting in June, you can also get to experience pre-monsoon showers. It’s always better to pack some light woollens if traveling to any hill station even in Summer months. You never know when the weather changes on the hillside.

Weekend trip to kausani

On the way fun

How to Reach Kausani from Delhi NCR?

Car – Hire a cab or drive yourself, it can take up to 12 hours to reach there.

Train – The nearest train station is Kathgodam near Nainital and from there you can take a cab or bus for a further journey of 4 hours to Kausani.

Air – The nearest airport to Kausani is Pantnagar. Book a flight from anywhere to Pantnagar and take a cab for your further journey.

Our Weekend in Kausani

We visited Kausani in the last week of May and it took us around 12 hrs to reach our destination. We started in the morning around 5 am and made 2 stops of an hour each, one for breakfast and the other one for lunch. Our 1st stop was near Jim Corbett National Park and the other one was at Ranikhet. After reaching the hotel, we spent the rest of our evening at leisure, basking in the beauty of the surroundings.

Summer weekend trip to Kausani

Pitstop at Doaba’s Punjabi Dhaba near Jim Corbett National Park

I would suggest if possible start early and reach Kausani by 3-4 pm. This will give you ample time to rest and freshen up and get ready to enjoy the evening. Also, you will not feel as if you have wasted your day just traveling.

Route we followed

Summer weekend trip to Kausani. Route map

Source – Google Maps

Noida -> Ghaziabad -> Hapur -> Moradabad -> Kashipur -> Ramnagar -> Ranikhet -> Kausani

Kausani -> Almora -> Bhimtal -> Nainital -> Bazpur -> Moradabad -> Hapur -> Noida

This way we covered all the other nearby famous places like Ranikhet, Almora, Bhimtal and Nanital.

Where to Stay?

There are many beautiful hotels and resorts in and around Kausani. You can search on Google and book them directly by calling on the numbers provided. However, we like to check and compare the prices on various sites before booking. And then opt for the one which is as per our requirements and also comes under our budget.

Summer Weekend Getaway to Kausani. Stay at hotel Chevron Mountain Villa

Hotel Chevron Mountain Villa (Source – Google)

We booked a deluxe room for 2 nights at Hotel Chevron Mountain Villa, which is a beautiful property at a great location and one can have a direct view of the majestic peaks of the Himalayas from there. It not just offers a serene view of the surroundings but is also close by nature, a little far away from the marketplace. One more reason to choose this hotel was the beautiful lawn and a play area within the premises so that Nemit could enjoy freely.

Our Ratings

Location – * * * *
Food –  * * * * *
Service – * * * * *
Value for money – * * * *
Rooms – * * *

How we spent our first day in Kausani?

We wanted to keep our stay at leisure since we had just one day to relax and enjoy. So, we decided to stay at the hotel and just laze around. When we reached the hotel at around 5 pm, we didn’t go to our room, instead, we checked out the property and took Nemit to the play area. He was so happy to finally have something of his interest, I know he was clearly bored in the cab.

Summer Weekend Getaway to Kausani. Play area in the hotel chevron mountain villa

Nemit enjoying the swing in the play area

And, he met some people there who definitely had a good time looking at his mischievous stunts.

Summer Weekend Getaway to Kausani

Nemit having a good time with a new friend we met at the hotel

The next day morning, we went for a nature walk, strolling a few km uphill from the hotel. The weather was pleasant and the morning view of the Himalayan peaks was breathtaking. We had a fun morning and spent an hour exploring the nearby beautiful flora and fauna. There was a small tea garden nearby and we tried to get some Bollywood style pictures standing in the center of the garden. However, it was a little difficult to try some stunts with Nemit. We managed to get a few good shots though.

Summer Weekend trip to Kausani

Sunrise from our room – Taking a shortcut – Nature Walk – Beautiful flora on the way

While on our way back, we saw a mother Langur (black face monkey) with her little baby, playing on a roadside tree. We had to wait for some time as we were terrified to cross that path, it was completely deserted and we had no idea how that monkey would have reacted to us. Luckily, we met a local there, who helped us reach back to the hotel safe and sound. That experience was thrilling, you don’t get to see such encounters in the city, right?

After returning back to the hotel, we had a scrumptious breakfast, sitting on the lawn overlooking the serene view of the peaks. We spent the rest of the day at leisure, played badminton and carom, relived our childhood with Nemit. It was so much fun just running around with Nemit and doing nothing. Check out this small video.

The weather took a sudden twirl post-lunch and it started drizzling. As the day progressed, the wind became chilly. We had packed our winter jackets and it was the right time to take them out. And then we decided to go out to the market area, enjoy the weather and have some more fun.

I will continue further in my next post where I will share the things we did at the main Kausani market. Stay tuned as I will also be sharing my experience of watching the planets live at the Kausani Planetarium. And our adventure in Nainital. I hope you enjoyed reading until here and have already started planning your weekend trip to Kausani.

And now, it’s time to move on to the next station where Priyanka Patwari will share her take on the theme ‘Summer’ on her blog Flavors of World. Visit her blog and show some love.

Lastly, do comment below and let me know how you liked this post. Don’t forget to share the post and spread the love, with your friends and family. Sharing is Caring! Till next time, take care.

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    It was nice reading your journey about this beautiful hill station. Looking forward to visit there soon 🙂

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    AWesome post-Neha, and super informative too, I had heard a lot about Kausani but never get a chance to visit this place. in fact, after reading your post, I am missing India more, it has been long 3 years to visit our beautiful country, will surely visit this pace, when we come back to India. thanks a lot for sharing your experience and sharing all detail information. it seems you had really great family time here.

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    Thia place is new to me but looking at your pictures, it definitely looks an exotic destination. India has so many places that people haven’t explored. Hopefully, we will visit Kausani in one of our India trips..:-)

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    It’s really awesome place.. you had a great time there.. We are also planning to visit the place..

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    Great Read Neha!! Being in Delhi NCR for 5years now, I always heard travel takes to Kausani and thought that it’s a destination for youngsters only. But now, I think as a parent I am all set to escape to Kausani soon! ?

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