The Ultimate Guide to Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery for men and women

Plastic surgery of the face and neck is becoming more popular each year. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, both men and women are increasingly seeking facial plastic surgery today. Some of the most popular procedures are facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), eyelid surgery and non-surgical minimally invasive use of chemical peels and injectables for facial rejuvenation.

Facial Plastic surgery

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As you age, certain areas may start to naturally sink or sag due to loss of collagen. Add to this that the average life expectancy for Western adults today is at an all-time record high. And it just makes sense, you want to look as young as you feel for as long as you possibly can!

One big concern many people have when first considering facial plastic surgery is whether the procedure can be customized for more feminine or masculine looks. The answer, as this article will discuss, is a resounding YES!

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There are three different groups of people that often seek out facial plastic surgery

The first group is women. The second group is men. The third group is transitioning individuals (male to female or female to male). All three groups have their own concerns about the results of facial plastic surgery!


All you need to know about Facial Plastic surgery for men, women and transitioning individuals


Procedures to look more feminine

Facelift, rhinoplasty, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, and lip fullness are all on the menu for women who are seeking to enhance their femininity at any age.

Procedures to look more masculine

Men are more frequently seeking facial plastic surgery to look more masculine, as the Men’s Journal reports. Jaw augmentation, fat injections for facial balancing, rhinoplasty, and cheek augmentation are among the top procedures requested.

Gender reassignment transitioning procedure

The transition direction greatly influences which procedures are most desirable. For men transitioning to women, softer facial and nose lines are desirable, as well as Adam’s apple reduction. For women transitioning to men, facial liposuction, jawline firming and facial rebalancing are often desirable.

Feminine and Masculine Image Ideals Across Cultures

One of the most interesting areas within plastic surgery is how image ideals can change between cultures. For patients from different cultures, the goal to look “more feminine” or “more masculine” may mean very different things!

Facial Plastic surgery

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For example, South Korean masculine image ideals incorporate a toned, muscular physique with soft facial features more commonly associated with female faces. Such as oval jawlines, softened cheekbones, bigger eyes, double eyelids, and a higher nose bridge. In contrast, Australian facial plastic surgery procedures often focus on squaring the jawline, nose and eyelid lifts, ear corrections, liposuction, and facelifts.

It is important to select a plastic surgeon who is well-versed in International facial plastic surgery. This is to ensure that the results match the patient’s personal appearance goals!

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Selecting Your Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is still common for facial plastic surgery and facial rejuvenation patients to bring along photos to illustrate appearance goals. Equally common is to make surgery requests based on favorite features from admired celebrities. However, a photo can only go so far towards meeting your goals once the day of your procedure arrives!

What is essential to know before you schedule your procedure date is that the plastic surgeon’s skill level absolutely impacts the outcome of your procedure from both a health and an appearance perspective.

To ensure your selected surgeon has the training and expertise to deliver the results you want to achieve, you should spend time looking at his past body of work, including before and after photos of other clients.

Facial Plastic surgery

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In particular, sometimes it’s not necessary to perform an invasive surgical procedure.  When facial fillers or rejuvenating skin treatments can achieve the desired results. In the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon, you can often achieve your desired results with less cost and a reduced recovery time.

Your choice of the plastic surgeon can also ensure that you are able to achieve your appearance goals post-procedure. Whether you choose a minimally invasive cosmetic refinement or a more extensive plastic surgery procedure.

How to Prepare For Your Procedure?

It is normal to have anxiety about the outcome of a facial plastic surgery procedure. The first step starts with scheduling an initial consultation with the plastic surgeon. This is your time to meet with the surgeon one-to-one. Share your goals, ask questions and decide if this is the surgeon you want to do your procedure!

All you need to know about Facial Plastic surgery for men, women and transitioning individuals

During the initial consultation, you can talk with your selected plastic surgeon about different options to achieve your appearance goals. There may be more than one option to choose from or a combination of procedures may be recommended. You can also learn how to prepare for your procedure. What to expect during the recovery period. And how long it will take to see the full results of your procedure.

Most importantly, a skillful plastic surgeon will be able to work with your natural facial contours. This will, in turn, provide feminization or masculinization that complements your features. And also enhances your facial symmetry and overall facial balance.

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