Energetic weekends- Family Time Fun Time

Energetic weekends

Energetic Weekends

This one is my favorite!! Our weekends, when you get to rest and just give instructions to get the work done and all the baby chores are taken care of by Papa. Every day I wait for Saturday and I am sure papa also love his weekends.

This Papa-beta (Dad-Son) Jodi when together for a long time tends to forget the world around. They would spend hours in the park, their bathing sessions become water play and stretch for about an hour, they would sing don’t know what kind of songs and then laugh out loud when I make confused faces.

Papa has a particular way to make Nemit sleep, singing lullaby and dancing, I don’t know how he does this but within minutes Nemit is off to deep sleep. There is a spark in their bonding and it feels good to know that Papa is very clear about his priorities. I love the way how Sumit (Papa) keeps his calm during difficult situations, I remember once Nemit fell on the glass table and his nose started bleeding. I was in shock and crying, all the bad thoughts were coming in my mind but Sumit was calm, first he consoled Nemit, then talked to me and took us to the doc. Papa is our savior.

We have a routine of visiting in-laws once or twice every month and because my mom’s house is on the way, we stay there overnight on Friday and leave for in-laws on Saturday. That way Nemit gets to spend time with both the grandmothers and we try to get some baby-free time.

Talking about Nani (maternal grandmother) and Dadi (Paternal grandmother)

Nani has her special way with Nemit, she has the notion that Nemit is always hungry thus keeps him feeding something or the other all the time, I am already tired of telling her about meal times but no use. Now I let it go!! Nani also has a ‘Magical Pitara’ which is her big handbag and is always stuffed with things which fascinate Nemit a lot and every time he wants to have a new thing to explore, he brings that pitara, Nani do some magic and Abracadabra! Nemit gets a new thing to play.

Dadi on the other side is so emotional that even the news of us visiting her makes her super excited and teary at the same time. Nemit love his morning walks with dadi, they go and feed cows and dogs and he gets to learn all about kindness. Because Nemit’s chachu (uncle) is great at photography, our Saturday evenings are booked for fun photo sessions. We get clicked in all possible lovey-dovey and funny poses. We never miss a chance to collect our memories.

These moments spent with family are sacred & precious because we know the importance of family time. The best thing about Memories is making them and we strongly believe in it!

How do you keep a balance between Nani/Dadi…share your story!! I am so interested 🙂

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    Victoria October 13, 2017 at 2:30 am - Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend ? I’m jealous, we didn’t do much over here haha

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