7 Exciting Things to do in Kausani – Weekend Trip

Weekend Trip to Kausani (Part – 2)

We, Delhites, are famous for taking impromptu weekend trips to nearby hills whenever we feel strangled by the city stress or the ever-increasing workload. Even on the weekends, I find myself finishing off my previous week’s pending tasks. I try to complete my work on the weekend so that I can have relaxing weekdays. However, that’s a vicious cycle and there’s no rest in our lives, we all know that. The only time I feel rejuvenated is when I am somewhere far away from the city life with my family. Those few days, make me feel alive. And that’s the rule of our family, we work hard and rather than partying, we travel to new places to rewind ourselves. Long trips or short trips, don’t matter but we try to take at least 2-3 trips in a year.

7 exciting things to do in Kausani

We had a great weekend trip last month to Kausani and here’s the Part -2 of our Trip. So, by now, you know how we planned a weekend getaway road trip to Kausani. If you still haven’t read the previous post, do check it out, here!

Things to do in Kausani

In today’s post, I am going to share about some exciting things you can do in Kausani. But before anything else, I want to mention that please don’t confuse Kausani with Kasauli. Kasauli is another beautiful hill station but is located in Himachal Pradesh whereas Kausani is located in Uttarakhand.

When you have come so far to a beautiful destination which is surrounded by Himalayan peaks, sightseeing is a must. There’s one best thing about Kausani and that is you can have a picturesque view of the beautiful snow-clad mountain ranges from anywhere in Kausani. Although, we were on a leisure trip for a day and wanted to relax in our hotel. But when the weather changed in the evening and it started raining we wanted to go out and enjoy it.

1) Anasakti Ashram

In 1929, Mahatma Gandhi visited Kausani and stayed at this place for 2 weeks. During his stay, he practiced Anasakti yoga, due to which this place is named as Anasakti Ashram, also known as Gandhi Ashram.

7 exciting things to do in Kausani - weekend trip

Anasakti Ashram

Gandhi Ji was so mesmerized by the beauty of this hill station that he named it the ‘Switzerland of India’ due to the resemblance in landscape and beauty.

7 exciting things to do in Kausani - weekend trip

Anasakti Ashram viewpoint

The ashram has a small museum and a prayer hall and also offers an accommodation facility to its guests. The place is very peaceful and attracts many tourists due to its historical attachment to Gandhiji.

Entry to the Ashram is free.

2) Trek to Pinnath

If you are an adventure junkie and trekking is your game, then you must check out this trek to Pinnath. It’s a small, beautiful village about 5 Km from Kausani and is reachable only by trekking. The trek is not too difficult hence even first-timers or amateur trekkers can do it too. This trek may take up to 5 hrs to and fro, hence keep a full day in hand to enjoy its beauty to the fullest. We skipped the trek as we were traveling with a toddler, but this is still on our list for the next time.

7 exciting things to do in Kausani - Pinnath Trek

Trek to Pinnath
Image Source – daaju.com

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3) Baijnath Temple

Just like any other hill station, Kausani is also famous for its old temples. One of them is, Baijnath temple located in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand, some 16 Km from Kausani. This temple is dedicated towards Lord Shiva and is a delight for religious people as well as for admirers of great architecture.

7 exciting things to do in kausani - Baijnath Temple

Baijnath Temple
Image Source – doonmozaic.com

4) Rudradhari Falls and Caves

In case you do not want to opt for the 5 hrs trek to Pinnath, but still want to experience the fun of trekking, consider visiting Rudradhari falls. This is situated at a distance of 12 Km from Kausani. First, you have to reach Kantali village and from there start the 2 Km trek inside the village to reach Rudradhari falls.

7 exciting things to do in Kausani - Rudradhari falls

Rudradhari Falls
Image Source – trawell.in

The best time to enjoy the falls is during monsoon when the water flows with full might over a vertical drop. There is also a small temple of Lord Shiva situated near the falls. The overall experience of trekking and the sight of falls along with the natural caves will leave you mesmerized.

5) Visit the Shawl Factory

Kausani is also famous for its handmade woolen shawls. You can see many small shawl factories in Kausani. The shawl factory is an initiative taken by local people to help create employment and growth opportunities for the people of Kausani. Since we started exploring the marketplace in the evening, the shawl factory was already closed when we reached there.

7 exciting things to do in Kausani - Shawl factory

Shawl Factory Kausani

However, the factory owner was so humble and opened the door for us so that we could have a look at the machines and how they make shawls and other small woolen garments. The person who accompanied us to the factory also showed us how the shawl is made. We couldn’t resist ourselves from buying shawls from there.


These shawls have beautiful embroidery work done on them and their price depends upon the type of wool used and the fineness of the embroidery.

6) Space Museum at Stargate Observatory

If you like science as much as you adore nature, and if have always been curious to know about space and celestial objects, then you should definitely visit Stargate Observatory. It is just a walking distance from Anasakti Ashram. Yes, an observatory with a space museum on a hill station.

7 exciting things to do in kausani - Stargate Observatory - weekend trip

Stargate Observatory

They charge a fee of INR 100/- if you want to observe celestial objects using professional equipment.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Check out the below pics from the museum which left me awe-struck.

7 exciting things to do in Kausani - Stargate museum - weekend trip

Stargate Observatory – Museum

7) Kausani Planetarium

Just opposite the Stargate observatory, across the road, there is a small cafe with a small board which says Kausani Planetarium since 2001.

7 exciting things to do in Kausani - weekend trip - kausani planetarium

Kausani Planetarium

So, basically, this one is the old planetarium and is operated by one man who is an amateur astronomer and his name is Mr. Kiran Khulbe. And he’s also from Delhi, coincidence.


I consider myself lucky that I got to speak to such an amazing person who knows so much about the objects in our universe. And he’s doing his part by sharing his knowledge with the people who visit his planetarium. And he charges only INR 50/- for an evening and morning live planet show. Unbelievable!

7 exciting things to do in Kausani - Live Planet Show

Night Planet Show

Check out the pictures and you will know how much we enjoyed watching planets so close to us. We saw the moon, Venus, Jupiter with its moons, and Saturn with its ring. It was an extraordinary experience and I highly recommend visiting this place to everyone if you are in Kausani.

7 exciting things to do in Kausani

Morning at Kausani Planetarium

That’s all, for now, guys, hope you liked reading this post. Do share it with your friends and family. In my upcoming post on Kausani, I will share about our next day of the trip and how we found the amazing caves in Nainital. So, stay tuned and keep watching this space.

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    Bang On! We visited Kasauni last year and I must admit it was a great fun more so with our preschooler. A great place to enjoy in nature.

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