5 Tips to choose the best kid-friendly Hotel

Best Kid-friendly Hotel

Hello lovely people, how’s the week going? I know it’s getting too hot day by day, do get your AC serviced this weekend. Or, better plan a vacation to the hills. Here’s a recommendation for a perfect summer weekend getaway from Delhi. Today’s post is about Hotels & Resorts. Any vacation is incomplete without booking a nice place to stay. And, selecting the right hotel becomes the most crucial part if you are traveling with kids. So, today I will be sharing some tips on how to choose a perfect kid-friendly hotel or resort.

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Before planning any vacation, the first thing that we decide is the destination to visit. Then, the number of travel days based on our budget. Once we know where we want to go and for how many days, the next step is deciding what all places of interest we want to cover. Either we plan leisure trips or leisure cum adventure trips. The next step is to book hotels for our stay.

How to choose the best kid-friendly Hotel?


This is usually the most important step in our travel planning. Since we always travel as a family, we focus on booking a kid-friendly hotel within our budget. When you are traveling with kids, you need to plan things keeping the comfort & requirement of your kids in mind. Most parents don’t consider this aspect and later find themselves struggling with difficult situations.

Sometimes, kids take their own time to adjust to a new place. It then becomes important to provide them with a comfortable and fun environment. We usually spend the most part of our day in the hotel hence we make sure that we select the best kid-friendly hotel in that location.

5 Tips to select a perfect kid-friendly hotel

Now, a lot of you must be thinking that a kid-friendly hotel would be too expensive to afford. Well, actually no! It depends on what all the useful facilities or amenities you are looking for. There are hotels which have their own little kid-friendly water park right by the pool. Or, there are hotels which have huge kid’s play areas both indoor as well as outdoor. And, they do charge a bomb. But, I feel this is not what kids look for especially babies & toddlers, they don’t even know such things exist until we tell me.

5 Tips to choose the best kid-friendly Hotel


As per our experience, there are many other things that make a hotel kid-friendly. Check these out below-

1- Location

While selecting a hotel/resort, check out its location on the map and its proximity to places you want to visit. We usually look for a hotel which is centrally located or is at least nearby to the main attractions. This will help in limiting your travel time.

Never book a hotel in the main market area or too far into the streets where the four-wheelers can’t enter (especially on hill stations).

If you are on a beach holiday, then definitely look for a beach resort.

2- Open Space

Usually, resorts are big and there’s ample open space on the premises, which makes it a perfect choice for families. However, there are many hotels which have their own lawn area or they have a small kid’s play area. Even if there are no specific activities for kids, an open space is all that can keep them happy.

3- Rooms

Selecting the right room for your family is very essential. First of all, the bed size matters if your kid prefers to sleep with you. Or else, you can ask for an extra bed or baby cot/crib (check with them if they provide that or not). Rooms should be spacious enough for the child to sit on the floor and play.

Kid friendly hotel room

Also, rooms should have basic amenities, like a kettle and a refrigerator.

While booking rooms, tell your preference to the reservation staff. Even if you are booking online, call the hotel and ask for room details & availability. We usually book rooms on the ground floor and garden facing.

We, often travel with our mother & mother-in-law and in that case, we look for connecting rooms or villas with 2 bedrooms. Or 2 side rooms in a hotel, again you need to convey your room preferences to the staff beforehand. And don’t forget to take that confirmation on mail.

4- Facilities

Most important, a kid-friendly hotel should have a separate kid’s pool. Also, do check if they provide pool essentials like rings/swimming floats for kids. If the pool is not required then definitely look for some outdoor space or indoor kid’s activity area.

swimming pool in hotel

Indoor and outdoor spaces must be well maintained and safe. You can even ask for pictures of these areas on mail. If the hotel focuses on customer service, they will definitely help you in providing all the details.

Next important thing to check with the hotel is the food options for kids. Do they take special requests or not, in case you want something to be prepared for the child? What is the opening & closing time of the kitchen? Do they have high/booster chairs for babies?

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During our last 2 vacations, we had booked family villas through Airbnb. And, we have found these to be the perfect choice for families traveling with kids. The best part of booking a BnB is that you get the whole place for yourself, you get a kitchenette, your own living room and some even provide private pool facility.

Another facility I want to mention here is the babysitting service provided by the hotel. It’s a great option to look out for if you are planning a dinner date or want to have some ‘couple time’ together. You can leave your child under the care of the hotel’s staff at the childcare for an hour or two.

5- Reviews

Last but not least, checking hotel reviews on trusted websites like Tripadvisor is a must. I guess we all do that. But don’t rely on old reviews, look for recent ones, not more than a year old.

Some Kid-friendly Hotel Recommendations from our Travels in India

1- Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort, South Goa

Website – http://www.mayfairhotels.com/mayfair-goa/

2- Abad Turtle Beach Resort, Alleppey, Kerala

Website – https://www.abadhotels.com/mararibeach

3- Aranyaka Resort, Munnar, Kerala

Website – http://www.aranyakaresorts.com/travellers-skit.php

4- Riverarch Greenfields Resort, Jaipur

Website – http://riverarch.in/

5- Hotel Chevron Mountain Villa, Kausani 

You can read my post on Kausani and hotel review here.

Website – https://www.chevronhotels.in/mountain-villa-kausani/

6- RKN Beach Resort, Pondicherry

Website – https://www.rknresorts.com/

7- Orange County Cottages, Mukteshwar

Website – Booked through Airbnb

8- Kolahoi Green Resort, Pahalgam, Kashmir

Website – http://www.kolahoigreen.com/

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9- Pristine Beach Resort, Diglipur

Website – http://www.andamanpristineresorts.com/

10- Ixzire Resort, Port Blair

Website – http://ixzire.com/

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11- Havelock Holiday Beach Resort, Havelock

Website – http://hhbr.in/

12- Pine Hill Homestay, Shillong

Website – Website – Booked through Airbnb

13- Pala Resort, Cherrapunjee

Website – https://www.palaresort.co.in/

14- The Grand Leoney Resort, North Goa

Website – http://thegrandleoneyresort.com/

15- Shatsngi Homestay And Adventure, Camping at Dawki, Meghalaya

Website – Facebook Page

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16- Solang Valley Resorts, Manali

Website – https://www.solangvalleyresorts.com/

We have traveled to many places and have stayed at various hotels, resorts, camps, and Airbnb. Every place has something unique to offer, but the best ones are those which make us feel at home when we are far away from home. The above list of 16 stay options is our best stay experiences in India with family.

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful. What do you look for in a hotel/resort when you plan your stay? Do let me know in the comments. Also, I would love to know your best stay at a hotel/resort recently. Do tell me in the comments below.

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    Some really great pointers to keep in mind while booking a hotel.

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      Thank you, Vartika. I am glad you liked it.

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      Yes, if a hotel is accommodating to our requests for things like customizing food for our child, it automatically gets an edge above the others. Thank you so much, Sonia, for your appreciation.

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    Great tips – I think facilities would be the most important point to consider

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