Tips to Train your Puppy to Prevent Destructive Biting and Mouthing

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Train your puppy to prevent destructive biting and mouthing In today's post, you will learn some easy and helpful tips & tricks to train your puppy to prevent biting. As a dog owner, you love all the things your dog does. But sometimes you might get irritated and annoyed when your dog displays aggression. However, [...]

Traveling with Caesar | Weekend Getaway – Blog Series (Part-6)

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Traveling With Caesar Weekend Getaway - Noida to Jaipur Hello friends, I hope you all are doing good. Today, I will write about Caesar's first road trip with us, a weekend getaway from Noida to Jaipur. Though it was his first travel experience, we didn't expect him to go wild & us going mad. We [...]

How to Prepare for a Road Trip with your Dog? – Blog Series (Part-5)

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Planning a Road Trip with your Dog #TravelingWithCaesar Hello friends, today I will share some tips on preparing for a road trip with your dog. I will also share some pointers to keep in mind while booking a pet-friendly stay option. We traveled to Jaipur from Noida by car with Caesar when he was 6 [...]

7 tips to stop your dog from chasing the cat

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Dog chasing the Cat? How to stop this? Nobody wants to deal with their dog chasing the cat, especially if the cat is clearly not enjoying it! This can be frustrating for you as well as for your cat. Consequently, it's a good idea to follow these tips to help stop the behavior. In most cases, all [...]