11 Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys on a Beach Vacation

Outfit Ideas for a Beach Vacation

Hello mommies, let’s talk about cool trendy fashion for toddler boys when on a beach vacation. I am not a fashion blogger, neither I have much fashion knowledge but I like dressing up my boy.

Not many people talk about fashion for boys simply because there are not many options that boys can experiment with. True! I am a boy mom and I know how difficult it gets sometimes to find a nice outfit for my son. Most of the times I am left with a choice of shorts & tees for summer days and pants & shirts for summer evenings.

So, when it comes to selecting an outfit for my boy, I try not to restrict myself to particular colors or designs. If it looks good on him, it goes in the cart. And, summer is my favorite time for shopping when there’s a lot more choice in colors and prints.

Outfits for a Beach Vacation

I know many of you are already in a vacay mood with holidays around the corner. If you are planning a beach vacation and you are looking for outfit ideas for your toddler boy then you are in the right place.

When it comes to a beach holiday, most people think that only shorts & t-shirts are the most comfortable & stylish options for toddlers. Well, not exactly. I have divided tops and bottoms into 5 categories each which can be mixed and matched on a beach to create stylish looks. The outfit choice may also depend on the time of the day at the beach.


  1. Shirts
  2. T-shirts
  3. Sleeveless Tees
  4. Sets
  5. Dungarees


  1. Denim Shorts
  2. Printed Cotton Shorts
  3. Bermuda Shorts
  4. Capri Pants
  5. Full-Length Pants

11 Cool Looks for Toddler Boys on a Beach Vacation

Let’s create some cool looks with the above options. Check out the pictures below.

Look 1

The most common way to dress up boys for a beach is putting shorts with a cool graphic t-shirt. In my ideas, you won’t see any plain outfits, I like colors. But, that’s my personal choice, if you like plain colors or whites, then you can go with that too. And, when on a beach ditch the dark colors.

11 Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys

T-shirt with shorts

Look 2

One of my favorite looks is a white printed shirt with denim shorts. We choose this look for evenings on the beach when we would take a stroll on the beachside. Or just sit at a beachside cafe and watch the sunset.

Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys

Shirt with denim shorts

Look 3 for a Beach Vacation

This is a common look but looks very cool. A shirt with prints of pineapple or coconut trees all over paired with comfortable cotton shorts. It is a perfect outfit to spend a fun day on the beach.

Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys

Printed shirt with comfortable shorts

Look 4

Another of my favorites is sleeveless tee & shorts combo for a beach vacation. The best thing about sets is you are spared the task of mixing n matching on a holiday.

I buy mostly from Firstcry & Hopscotch. My favorite brand to buy such cool trendy sets is Awabox but their collection is available only on pre-order. Also, their sizes are smaller as per age so do check the size chart before buying or simply pick one size bigger.

Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys on a beach vacation

Sleeveless tee & shorts set

Look 5 for a Beach Vacation

This is Nemit’s all time favorite look. Every time I ask him what he wants to wear, he points to the white shirt & printed shorts. I love this combo too, it’s looks super comfy and super stylish.

Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys on a Beach Holiday

Shirt with cotton shorts

Look 6

Another outfit that you can choose for your boy is a checkered shirt paired with cotton pants. These look super cool for an early morning or late evening stroll on the beach.

Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys

Shirt with cotton pants

Look 7 for Toddler Boys

I tried this look on Nemit very recently on our Krabi vacation in January this year. I wanted something in full length but not the pants, something more quirky & stylish. So, here’s the next outfit idea and that is dungaree with a t-shirt.

Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys on a Beach Vacation

A cool Dungaree

Look 8

This one here is again a favorite of mine. A cool sleeveless tee with capri pants, perfect for young toddlers.

Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys on a beach vacation

Sleeveless tee with Capri pants

Look 9

Sorry guys I don’t have a clear pic for this look so not adding any picture. But you will get an idea. Simply put a white full sleeve shirt over a colorful sleeveless tee. It is a common yet most stylish look and works in two ways. You can put the shirt on when it gets really hot to minimize any tan or sunburn.

Look 10

I bought Bermuda shorts very recently for Nemit. You can pair the Bermuda shorts with a sleeveless tee or even with a shirt, both these will look super cool on toddlers.

Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys on a beach holiday

Bright sleeveless tee with Bermuda shorts

Look 11

The last outfit idea is an important one which is usually neglected by the parents, the swimwear for boys. If your boy is going to spend the maximum time splashing in the water either on a beach or a pool, choose a nice bodysuit swimwear. It will help cover the body and protect your little one’s sensitive skin from harsh sun rays.

Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boy

Bodysuit Swimwear

So, these are the 11 looks in which I like to style my boy when going on a beach. I hope you liked these ideas and found some for your boy too. In case, you have any other idea to add to the list, do write it down in the comments below and I will add it to my list, of course with due credits to you.

11 Cool Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys on a Beach Vacation


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    These are some really cool options and the kid in the pics look so adorable

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    Thats a wide range of options. My kid is most comfy in his bermuda shorts and a sleeveless tee

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    OMG. These are such cute clothing options for boys. Your kiddo really is so adorable and excited to go to the beach.

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    Now these are some great beachwear ideas, I prefer outfits that are comfortable for my son and gives him a perfect feel of beach!

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    All are very good and I do the same with my son. It is quite comfortable with a cool fun look.

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    This posts is very helpful when moms run out of idea what to get their kids wear especially during holidays.

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      Wow that is awesome post, finding outfit when we are going on trips is a tast and for beach it’s really easy peasy to mix and match and make a cool look

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    These are such lovely outfits you have mentioned. It sometimes is difficult to dress up a boy because there’s much fewer options available for boys.

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    These are some good beachy outfitideas for kids. My nephew loves wearing tshirr and shorts.

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    With me little one all ready to explore the world, I think i’m going to bookmark this page for ideas.

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