5 Ways of Building Confidence & Growth Mindset in your Children

How to Build Confidence & Growth Mindset in Children?

Do you know the way you praise your kids makes a difference to their mindset? When you appreciate their efforts, you encourage a growth mindset in children. Whereas appreciating them plainly on the basis of their intelligence make them adopt a fixed mindset. A growth mindset in children helps them to push their boundaries and embrace challenges. On the contrary, they believe in limited capabilities and intelligence due to a fixed mindset.

Here are 5 ways of interacting with your kids to build confidence and encourage a growth mindset.

  1. Don’t Let Them Give up Easily

The attention span of kids is short. You should immediately start interacting with your kids whenever you notice that they are giving up on something. It can be about solving a puzzle or building a Lego monument. Explain to them that there is no harm to keep on trying. Motivating their efforts and appreciating them on the progress they made irrespective of the result will increase the growth mindset in your children.

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  1. Praise Their Efforts for Confidence Building

It is natural to praise the creation of kids like a clay model, painting, or a craft product. But when you praise the end product, you give an impression to them that they are good at making that particular thing only. Instead, appreciate their efforts by saying, “you did hard work” or asking, “what helped you make progress?” This kind of appreciation builds confidence in them to try more new things.

A growth mindset in children helps them to push their boundaries & embrace challenges. Here are 5 ways of building confidence & growth mindset in children.


  1. Motivate Them to Take on New Challenges

“Every expert was once a beginner.” When kids are in the beginner stage, they are most vulnerable. But not the kids with a growth mindset! This mindset comes with the understanding that challenging tasks are not meant to be pushed aside. Explain to them that it’s ok to fall, fail, and not have a clue sometimes. That’s how they are supposed to grow and learn. Once they start viewing challenges as opportunities, there’s no looking back.

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  1. Make Failure Look Like Another Step Towards Success

Unfortunately, failure is seen as a lack of intelligence and capability in our society. When kids begin to understand that, they fear failure. You should emphasise the fact that failure is not the end of the road. Instead, it’s evidence that they have the guts to try something new and challenging. Shift their focus from the result towards learning and experience. It is the best way to nurture a growth mindset in children.

  1. Encourage Reading Habit

Encourage Reading Habit to develop confidence & growth mindset in children


One of the proven ways to develop a growth mindset in children is to make them realise that there is so much to learn in this world. And books do this job perfectly. Encourage reading habits in your kids by gifting them interesting children’s books with illustrations. You can also get books specifically on the topic of the growth mindset. Reading habit also helps in confidence building, sharpening thought process, and improving problem-solving abilities.

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To Sum-up

Try the 5 ways mentioned above for nourishing the growth mindset in your children and watch them thrive every day. They reach their full potential in life when you make them believe that their intelligence and capabilities are not fixed. Rather these qualities are ever-growing and expanding.

Author Bio:

Samidha Raj works as part of the content marketing team at PlanetSpark, a platform that provides online classes to K8 learners on "New Age Skills"

Samidha Raj works as part of the content marketing team at PlanetSpark, a platform that provides online classes to K8 learners on “New Age Skills” like English Communication, Public Speaking, Grammar, Creative Writing, Debating, etc. She is passionate about empowering the youth by educating parents about the importance of 21st-century skills. In her free time, you can find her watching documentaries or animated movies and organizing game nights (board games are her thing)!


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