Celebrating The Art Of Giving With PortraitFlip

Celebrate The Art Of Giving with PortraitFlip

Hello everyone! Today I would be talking about how we neglect the power of gifting and how it can completely change every relationship which you have in your life! Let’s talk about the art of giving with PortraitFlip.

Imagine! How it felt the last time you gave a gift to your special person, it might be anyone your parents, spouse, children, or friends.

Wasn’t it mesmerizing and fulfilling?

A research suggests that,

“The happiness you get from unwrapping a gift is temporary, but giving provides a more self-fulfilling experience that lasts for a long period of time.”

At times, we all feel that we took our family members for granted and did something which might have hurt them. You feel bad about it and also are unable to get that thought to its end due to your busy life.

How about you take some time out right now and get gifts for the people who really matter and who really care about how successful you become in life!

It could be as simple as a letter or as fancy as a painting!

Yes, you read it right! A Painting.

art of gifting

You see when it comes to gifting, you must give something which has a thought behind it instead of buying the next cool gadget on the web.

When you spend a thought and land up on that one specific thing which the receiver would like it’s a Eureka moment!

When your dear ones receive the present, they understand how important they are in your life and are filled with joy and love towards their life, which is why you should consider something thoughtful like a painting from photo or something else which suits the receiver.

The moment when your dear ones unwrap and find their painting becomes very special and will be remembered for the whole life!

You can easily get a handmade painting from photo by visiting the website, www.PortraitFlip.com who will deliver tailored happiness at your doorstep.

How Can You Get A Portrait From Photo?

art of giving with portraitflip

Simply, visit portraitflip.com,

  1. Upload the photos of the person/people you want a painting of.
  2. Select any medium among Oil, Charcoal, Pencil, Watercolor, Colored Pencil or Acrylic.
  3. Select a framing option among Rolled, Gallery Wrapped or a Frame and place the order.

(You can also add a name to the painting by mentioning it on the order page or when the team contacts you for suggesting the best photo.)

What Photos Could You Get A Painting Of using PortraitFlip?

art of giving with portraitflip

It completely depends upon the receiver,

  1. You could get an Anniversary Portrait for your spouse from any of your wedding photos.
  2. You could get a Child Portrait from any of your child’s adorable photos.
  3. Or, you could also get a Family Portrait from those vacation pics.

And, you don’t need to worry about a perfect photograph as PortraitFlip offers free revision of photos to land up on that perfect image by executing minor and major changes.

They will only send the photo to the artist when it is approved by you.

PortraitFlip’s executive will guide you through by suggesting the best photo, changes you want, and whatever features you want like Background Change or Merging Photos.

  • They feature 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so be assured of getting a perfect painting of the tail-wagger.
  • They offer Free Shipping Worldwide and an option of Express Delivery to cater to rush orders.

One of the best things about PortraitFlip is they think of the portrait as a happy and emotional experience. And this thoughtfulness leaves people with tears of joy when they unwrap the package. (as shown in the video testimonials on their YouTube channel).

art of giving with portraitflip


Find some time for the people who really matter. And give them an experience of a lifetime by using the power of gifting.

May it be your Mother who educated you at the cost of her career. Or, your father who paid your bills by sacrificing his wishes. Or, your spouse who always supports you or your children who redefine love for you!

Handmade portraits by PortraitFlip are both creative and useful. They hold a great emotional value in the receiver’s mind and add as an interesting décor element.


“If the gift comes from a selfless and pure intention it will only give you more pleasure than the receiver.”

Find PortraitFlip:

  • Website: www.portraitflip.com
  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCWeM6IABe4gS1dp19BQP56g
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/portraitflip/
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/FlipPortrait/?ref=br_rs
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/portraitflip?lang=en
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