The Roller Coaster Ride- My Pregnancy

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The prompt for today's post is to write about 'My Pregnancy' and as every other mother, my pregnancy too holds a very special place in my heart. Those 9 months are still fresh in my mind though I am almost going Ghazini day by day. It's a great opportunity to pen down my memories and retain them [...]

My Life, My Rules – Being a woman in India, 2017

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It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Misha Jain for introducing me. I loved her blog Freshlybakedhead on the prompt for today 'Being a woman in India-2017'.   Hosted By : #MyLittleMuffin #TheMomSagas #Mummasaurus #TheReadingMomster   Are you a Woman? Are you an [...]

Hectic workout sessions – September Challenge

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Hello Friends, hope you all are finding my posts good to read and I am sure some of you can relate to them too. The series I am doing ‘September Challenge-My Weight Loss Journey’ is very close to my heart, the efforts I am putting in are genuine and I really really want to leave [...]

Story Behind the Weight- September Challenge

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The challenge I am talking about is not the one I am facing after pregnancy but it’s a long lost challenge which I should have kept working on but I have many reasons to counter how I was not able to keep a track of my weight gain. I was always on the heavier side; [...]

My Weight Loss Journey- September Challenge

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I have been thinking a lot lately about being healthy and shedding some extra flab and getting back into shape. 😎Many new moms can relate to that thinking, dreaming to get back to their old self. So, I have decided to head back to my mom's place for a month. Well, I am the most [...]

Mommy turned to Blogging! Part-2

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But I soon realized I don't have any such talents in me. Continued… To read Part 1- Click here. Well, it's a bitter truth which always hit me hard that I have zero talents. All my enthusiasm got crushed in just single realization and I came out of my dreamland. But I had to do [...]

Learning to Design My Blog…

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It's an amazing feeling when your ideas turn into reality and that too in such a short span of time. Learning to design a website is so much fun; don't know why I bunked so many computer classes in college I used to think behind every website there is a team of highly qualified and [...]

Energetic weekends- Family Time

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  This one is my favorite!! Weekends, when you get to rest and just give instructions to get the work done and all the baby chores are taken care of by Papa. Every day I wait for Saturday and I am sure papa also love his Saturdays. This Papa-beta Jodi when together for a long [...]

Hectic weekdays- Just Mom & Sons

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  Hello everyone, I want to talk about my days as a SAHM- Stay At Home Mom. Nobody wants to know what a Stay At Home Mom do because of the stereotype of a woman just sitting at home resting, talking over phone, watching TV and playing with the baby. We are in a nuclear [...]