How the Lockdown helped Families Adapt & Evolve?

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Lockdown helped Families Adapt & Evolve during the Coronavirus Pandemic This Coronavirus Pandemic is prooving to be the biggest eye-opener for mankind. Humans are finally realizing that they can't take the place of God. Most of us agree that COVID 19 scare is real! It is no joke and we all must act responsibly especially [...]

COVID 19 Scare – I had to Quarantine myself for the sake of my Family

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COVID-19 Scare is Real Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing well and staying safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. Those of you who follow me on Instagram must be knowing that I visited my mother in Delhi last week. Though this visit was planned for the weekend, I really couldn't wait any longer to see [...]

Chintu Ka Birthday! Will it be a Happy One amidst Chaos? Movie Review

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Chintu Ka Birthday I was not much into watching TV earlier since I couldn't stand the weekly drama shows & I prefer watching movies at the theatre. But when the lockdown was announced I was left with no choice. That's when I switched to the OTT platforms. These provide entertainment content like series and movies [...]

How to make Young Kids pay Attention during Homeschool Classes?

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How to Make Young Kids Pay Attention? A lot of schools started online classes for kids recently to continue with the learning process even during the pandemic. Since it's a relatively new way of learning for children (age group, 3-6 years old), parents are finding it difficult to make their young kids pay attention during [...]

Digital Detox during Covid-19 Lockdown – ‘Why’ & ‘How’ to do it?

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Digital Detox during Covid-19 Lockdown Do you frequently feel the need to take a break from the devices and disconnect from the virtual world? Are you yearning for a Digital Detox even now during the Covid-19 lockdown? Well, Digital Detox is a common term used to describe a period of time when a person stays [...]

Busting Myths around Vaccination – Awareness Post #YourCareQuotient

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Myths around Vaccination - Know the Facts! We are in the middle of a global pandemic due to the novel coronavirus. And the terrified people around the world are asking just one question. When is the vaccine for COVID-19 coming out? Yes, everyone is waiting for that miracle vaccine to protect them from getting the [...]

It’s Time to Check Nutrition in Indian Kids for their Strong Immunity!

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Immunity & Nutrition Check I am a concerned & exhausted mother of a 4-year-old boy. Due to the current situation, we are in a state of lockdown in India. We have been staying indoors with no school and no visit to the playground. Even though I am trying my best to keep my child safe, [...]

Can vaccination protect your baby from life-threatening diseases?

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Can vaccination protect your baby from life-threatening diseases? You know you can easily immunize your baby against 9 highly infectious and life-threatening diseases in the first year of his life through vaccination. Babies have a low immunity when they are born and it takes time to develop fully to protect them from common diseases. But [...]

Rajasthan Road Trip Day 1 (9 Days/5 Destinations) – Traveling with a Kid

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Rajasthan Road Trip Hey guys, I know you have been missing us! We missed you too. But now we are back, Yay!!! I want to thank you guys for being here even when I was not around. I am quite surprised to see how well the blog is growing now. We got a little more [...]

Are Preservative-free Vaccines a better choice? #YourCareQuotient

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Are Preservative-free Vaccines Better? Hello everyone! As you might have already guessed, today I am going to share some information about preservative-free vaccines. Why this topic? If you remember in my last post on vaccination, I shared how you can choose the right vaccine for your child. I further found out that there are so [...]