Easy Breakfast and Snacks Recipe with Sooji

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Easy Breakfast and Snacks Recipe with Sooji Hello friends, today I am sharing a recipe for the first time on my blog. Well, now that I am spending almost half of my day in the kitchen, I thought why not share my cooking chronicles on the blog too. So, here I am presenting an easy [...]

Appreciation Matters! – ‘The ‘Un’-common Tales’ Blog Series

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Appreciation Matters! - 'The ‘Un’-common Tales' Hello every one, here’s the third post of the blog series – The ‘Un’-common Tales of common people. This post is shared by a very sweet lady I met on Instagram, Punitha Gnanasekaran. She has talked about the importance of Appreciation and how simple acknowledgment can work wonders. Now, a [...]

Easy & Fun Gardening Activities for Kids to do at Home

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Gardening Activities for Kids Hello friends, hope you all are doing well. Today, I am going to share some very easy gardening activities for kids. Since we are still not going outside and spending all of our time at home, I am always looking for engaging & fun activities for my son. Apart from playing, [...]

How to rediscover yourself after having a baby? – ‘The ‘Un’-common Tales’

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Rediscover yourself Hello every one, here's the second post of the blog series - The ‘Un’-common Tales of common people. This post is shared by a very good friend of mine, Megha Arora. I truly appreciate her for being real and talk about her struggles. She has shared her secret of being a happy mother. And [...]

Virgin Bhanupriya – A new comedy movie on ZEE5!

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Virgin Bhanupriya And, here comes another hilarious drama-comedy Hindi movie on ZEE5, Virgin Bhanupriya. I feel comedy has turned out to be one of the most loved genres on OTT platforms nowadays. At least, I prefer a light comedy over anything, it just takes away all the stress of the week. We got a chance [...]

Take Professional Help – ‘The ‘Un’-common Tales’ Blog Series

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Take Professional Help - The 'Un'-common Tales. Hello everyone, we are starting a new blog series from today - The 'Un'-common Tales of common people. And, the very first post of the series is by one of my very good friends, Richa Kaushik. I want to thank her for coming out and sharing her experience [...]

How Blogging can make you Happy? ‘Growing With Nemit’ Blog turns 3 !!!

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Blogging can make you Happy. Hello everyone! I hope you all are staying safe. Today, I want to share my reasons for 'how blogging can make you happy' if you are passionate about it. I don't often write about blogging even though I get as many queries related to blogging as for parenting and travel. [...]

5 Best Natural Baby Wash for Sensitive Skin from Indian Brands in 2020

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Natural Baby Wash for Sensitive Skin Hello mommies and daddies! I hope you all are doing well. One question I have been asked the most is which products should I buy for my baby. Recently, a new mother asked me to suggest the best brand for a baby wash for sensitive skin. Well, honestly, I [...]

Staying active while staying at home with these Fun Activities with Family

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Activities with Family to Stay Sane at Home Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well and keeping safe. Though the lockdown has ended, we are still sticking to the routine. It seems that we have reluctantly accepted the new normal. I am not saying it's easy but knowing that it's the best way [...]

How the Lockdown helped Families Adapt & Evolve?

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Lockdown helped Families Adapt & Evolve during the Coronavirus Pandemic This Coronavirus Pandemic is prooving to be the biggest eye-opener for mankind. Humans are finally realizing that they can't take the place of God. Most of us agree that COVID 19 scare is real! It is no joke and we all must act responsibly especially [...]