Outdoor play- Keep these 5 things in mind- A Mother’s experience

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Ask a toddler if they want to go outside for a stroll, there can never be a ‘NO’ as an answer, you know why; because that place (outside of walls) is full of innumerous opportunities to explore, learn and have lots of fun. I am sure all parents will agree with me on this part [...]

BREATH HOLDING SPELLS – Nightmare for us

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Let’s talk about BREATH HOLDING SPELLS in infants. Nemit experienced these spells twice, a couple of months back and that was the most horrifying incident where I just went blank and was shivering with shock and fear and had no idea what action to take in response to that. It was the afternoon time and [...]

Mommy turned to Blogging! Part-2

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But I soon realized I don't have any such talents in me. Continued… To read Part 1- Click here. Well, it's a bitter truth which always hit me hard that I have zero talents. All my enthusiasm got crushed in just single realization and I came out of my dreamland. But I had to do [...]

Learning to Design My Blog…

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It's an amazing feeling when your ideas turn into reality and that too in such a short span of time. Learning to design a website is so much fun; don't know why I bunked so many computer classes in college I used to think behind every website there is a team of highly qualified and [...]