The Crazy Mumma !!

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Yesterday, I got a mini heart attack when I saw Nemit standing on the chair and eating banana off the dining table. How on earth these monkeys get such ideas? πŸ’ I am one such person who has been changing the furniture setting to keep it more baby friendly. When Nemit was 3 months old, [...]

Do you know what ‘Growth Spurts’ are?

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Let's talk about Fussy behavior in babies. We all encounter some days when our baby gets more fussy, crankier, clingier, cries more and sleep less. And we as new mothers go totally blank and start worrying. We check for tummy aches, colic, rashes, even for fever. But if all else seems right then these particular [...]

Let your baby explore his/her surroundings!!

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This post is published as an Article on Babychakra! To read it on Babychakra, Click here! This is the best way of learning, take cues from baby and help in his observation. Make sure you are always keeping an eye on him, do baby proof your house once baby starts moving. Few tips from mommy- [...]

7 Must have items for your baby (infant to Toddler)

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The 1stΒ two months which I mostly spent in a single room, breastfeeding my little munchkin day and night, I was glued to shopping sites online. I wanted to buy almost everything which caught my fancy and I did bought a lot to satisfy my lone time. But experience taught me how everything available in the [...]

Is screen time educational or distracting?

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It was Nemit's vaccination at 15 months when we met his doc after a gap of 3 months. While asking some general questions about his health, she asked us how many words does he speak and how much screen time we are offering him. Like any other parents, we were happily showing him 1-2 hrs [...]